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For over 30 years Overland has been a leading manufacturer of tape libraries, disk based backup appliances and network storage products. Now as part of Sphere 3D Corporation, Overland is branching out into cloud applications as well. Check out their new line of tape libraries show below by clicking the image for each one.


Get MORE for LESS! Reference this PROMO Code (SUMMER) when Purchasing one of Overland’s NEOs series LTO7 tape libraries and we’ll uplift the 1 year base support to 3 years for FREE.  In addition we are also offering great discounts on 3 year on-site-service uplifts for customers requiring a higher level of service and support, but don't delay these offers are only valid until 30th Sep 2017.

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Overland Storage

  • Overland reseller for over 20 years

  • Highly trained technical staff

  • Hundreds of Overland installations sold

  • PDS is located near Overland's San Diego manufacturing facility

  • Free Pre-sales Assistance

  • Nationwide On-site Installation Services

  • Warranty, Maintenance & Notification Tracking Service

  • Great Prices

The PDS Difference

NEOs StorageLoader

NEOs T24

NEOs T48

NEOs xl68 / xl80

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